What would you like to prioritize?


Only the name and options are required. You can choose to customize the timeframe, limit participants, or even segment into groups.

Each line will be an option for participants to select. Minimum 2 and up to 15.

Defaults to 24 hours. If helpful, you can change it to 1m, 5m, 4h, or 72h.

Defaults to 5k. If helpful, you can reduce the maximum number of participants.

If helpful, you can break down participation into groups. (ex. Customers, Developers, Marketing, etc.)


Amount of time people can participate. An equal amount of time will be allotted for review, after which data will be purged.

Maximum number of participants (2 - 5k). The process will reject any participation after this amount.


Name 2 - 15 groups. The volume of each group can be adjusted. A customized link for each group to participate will be provided.

Volume Example: If Customers = Max and Developers = Max - 1, then Developers #1 priority would be valued the same as Customers #2 priority.