Getting to know us...

Know Priorities (vs "No" Priorities)

We just want to help people express love by prioritizing the stuff that matters, while including the people it matters to.


A simple service with reasonable limitations.

3 Step Process

Fill out a form, send out links, and then reflect on the results.

Rapid Learning

With 1 & 5 minute sessions, you can learn quickly without a hassle. 1 minute sessions let you simulate participating as others. Example button also provided.


No credit card or payment required. As always, risk is yours.

The Process

The sauce is only secret to those who don't look.


Priorities are valued based upon the Golden Ratio (12 - 32 point of precision). Priority 1 is valued ~1 GR increment more than priority 2, and so on.


Grouping is used to represent the essence of a body of perspectives. This allows a group of 3 people to be heard equally to a group of thousands.


Each group can have their valuation adjusted in GR increments. This allows a more realistic result as some groups' perspectives are valued more/less for a given subject than others. This also helps to reduce the "meeting after the meeting" scenarios.


Few other tid bits of information


While in beta, many things may be sub-optimal. Limits: 3 active events, 5k participants each event, 24 hour windows.

Issues & Features

If you run into an issue or have a feature request, feel free to submit it. For features, no guarantees of implementation. For issues, we will take a reasonable look at them to see if it can be addressed.

API Access

At present, API access is not supported or allowed. This feature will be included at a later time.


Any* system or process can be gamed. Try it out. Learn. Be skeptical. Other than potential tech issues, this system leans on the honesty of your ecosystem.


No user info is required. Meaningful details are client-side only, & use localStorage. Server details are purged 2x timeframe (except stats). See privacy policy for more details.


To help support the service, since it's free, we will be setting up a "buy me a coffee", offering up training/education, and may include hand selected affiliate links.

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FYI: This is a short-cut to clear localStorage for this website. If you do, any active events you have will be lost.